Mini Raytemp Infrared Thermometer



Mini Raytemp Infrared Thermometer delivers accurate and quick recordings of temperature of food goods without needed probing. Designed with a lightweight body for easy use, it simply needs to be aimed towards the item and activated with the trigger control to display the temperate recorded. The laser dot alignment and target ratio of 12:1 helps to ensure the most accurate reading while a wide temperature range of between -50oC to 330oC offers additional peace of mind. Suitable for use by all skill levels, the clearly legible LCD display is backlit with a low battery indicator and an automatic power off facility to preserve battery life.

  • Lightweight and portable – great for taking quick food temperature readings
  • Can be used to measure temperature of food in fridges and freezers
  • Temperature range of -50oC to 330oC with an accuracy of ±2°C over the range of 0 to 330°C and ±4°C over the range of -50 to 0°C
  • Switches between °C or °F
  • Supplied with batteries (9v PP3)
  • Dimensions: 36 x 88 x 131 mm